Thank you for your interest in faculty positions at the Montreal Neurological Institute of McGill University. We are presently soliciting applications for up to three Assistant Professors in the area of Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology of Disease.

Please follow the following guidelines in preparing your application:

In your 1-2 page cover letter, describe:

  • The significance of your research area and your present and anticipated impact on your field.
  • Your background, the route you took to obtain your present position, and important milestones that contributed to your development
  • Characteristics and attributes that will make you a successful scientist.
  • Any extenuating circumstances or hardships that you think the committee should be aware of.

In your 2-3 page statement of research interests, include:

  • An introduction to your research topic(s)
  • A summary of your research contributions to date
  • Areas that you plan to develop in the first 5 years as a faculty member
  • Experimental infrastructure required for your program (eg. microscopy, genomics, MEG, MRI, PET facilities, access to human subjects, access to clinical material, vivarium requirements etc).

Please fill out the application form here.